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Itacaré offers many activities. Extreme sports, sea, trails, rivers, waterfalls, mangroves and more ...
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Peninsula de Maraú Prainha Observação de Baleias Jubarte
Rafting, Rapel e Tiroleza Jeribucaçu Parapente
City Tour
Arvorismo Mergulho Passeio das Ilhas
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derek  jeribucaçu  por do sol xareu


One of the main historical monuments of Itacare is the Mother Church (1723), where during the period of colonization, the Indians who lived here (and Tupinikim Guerens) continually attacked the Jesuits. So the priests decided to build a tunnel connecting the church and house of the Jesuits, where fleeing from persecution. Histoires, legends, architecture of the time, you will enjoy doing a city tour with expert guides. What to bring: Comfortable clothes, sneakers and sunscreen.
Times: 09h/ 13h. - R$20,00.

Igreja São Miguel  Vista Itacare Peninsula de Marau

Ecological trail where you can see the diversity of the Atlantic Forest. As your walking four wild and idyllic beaches with 25 minutes to the beach Engenhoca first, being considered the best beach for surfing, with its perfect waves getting this beach for 1 to 2 hours. Passing by shortly after serving as Hawaizinho caminnho to heaven, and ending in Camboinha Itacarezinho that possession 12 km-long crystal clear waters, white sands counting on a good infrastructure of bar and restaurant.
Times: 09h/ 16h - R$40,00

Off-Road 4x4 Land Rover, traveling the coast of the Peninsula of Maraú. The new paradise of Bahia reserves some surprises: trails, gazebos, ponds and pools of the famous beach TAIPUS de Fora. The first stop is the well-known Hill Mobile. It is without doubt the best viewpoint of the Maraú Peninsula. Access is by Cassange Beach (Atlantic Ocean). Having a nice view to the sea.
The second stop is the beach that Taipus de Fora is one of the most beautiful natural pools in the region. There you can see the reefs, corals and a variety of fish. This beach also offers excellent options for lunch. The studio on this beach lasts approximately four hours.
Times: 0h7:15 / 17h -R$70,00



Located in an area of ​​environmental protection, within the complex Villas of St. Joseph has white sand, coconut trees and a small stream. It is accessed by a trail of forty minutes, leaving the beach of Ribeira. Despite being a long walk, its beauty attracts many tourists
It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and postcard of the area. Surrounded by the Atlantic, has
transparent waters and unparalleled beauty.
Times: 09h/ 16h - R$20,00



Near Itacaré there are several waterfalls and clear waters. amid the vegetation of rare beauty and great ecological relevance.
Cachoeira do Tijuípe - Cachoeira Bom Sossêgo
Cachoeira da Usina Velha - Cachoeira da Pancada Grande
Cachoeira da Usina - Cachoeira do Cleandro
Cachoeira do Azevedo - Cachoeira de Tremembé - Cachoeira do Noré
O que levar? Roupa de praia, chinelo, protetor solar.Transporte: Sprinter, vans, dublo o carro pequeno.em média R$40,00




In Baia de Camamu, a variety of islands of all shapes. Beaches, rivers, mangroves, coconut trees, fishing villages and waterfalls form a unique scenery and a rich ecosystem within the Atlantic Forest.
The town of "Campinho", Ilha da Pedra Furada, Ilha do Sapinho, Ilha do Goió e a Coroa Vermelha (the sandbar that forms an island when the tide is low) are the attractions visited on our tour paradise aboard the schooner with better sound environment, bartender and large solarium.
What to bring? Beachwear, sandals, sunscreen.
Transportation: Sprinter vans, dubbed the small car.
Times: 07:30h/18h - R$70,00

Passeio de escuna ilhas


The baptism is done in TAIPUS de Fora, an hour and a half of Itacare and transportation is made ​​of Land Rover.Taipús de Fora is in third place with more diversity in maritime Brasil.Tem a duration of 1 hour, and you can see a wide variety fish, lobsters, turtles. The depth ranges from 6 to 8 metros.A output to swim in natural pools and sand, without using any kind of vessel.
As for the person who has the professional portfolio, diving is done in Barra Grande hours after three o'clock in the afternoon, so getting there you take a boat to sea, even there we have a depth of about 80 to 20 meters. Lasts more than 1 hour dive and a total of 3 hours on the way to the dive site.



Also many surfers, and appreciated for its rolling waves. It has a river whose name and Jeribucaçu River, which also happens to be very attractive for swimmers Leaving Itacaré ecological and after a walk of 45 minutes, more worth it, since its nature is unique among the other beaches in Itacare because the river Jeribucaçu makes it different from others. And a beach located within a farm 8 km from the town, the beach is considered by many the most beautiful of Itacare, for its many palm trees and have 3 wonderful together: waterfall, river and sea water transparency. There is the nature of the place with impressive vegetation and fantastic landscapes.
Times: 07:30h/18h - R$70,00



Rafting Itacare has been long sought by the public tourist, who likes fun and Action in the district of Taboquinhas - a lost city in time to 50 minutes of Itacare, some 30km. Became known as the Adventure District, due to the great rapids of the Rio de Contas is considered one of the best rivers in Brazil for the practice of rafting.
The rapids of the river of Auditors provides two hours of pure fun being 3 km of rapids with a level III and IV provide the adrenaline of rafting and beyond, still has two other radical activities as well, a rock about seven feet tall, for those who have the courage to jump. And a 180m zip line, it seems a flight over the blue waters and Account of the River, down the river of Auditors to complete the adventure.
Times : 09h/16h - R$70,00

Rafting  Tiroleza a itacare


It's an adrenaline rush just to fly, now imagine flying with one of the most beautiful views of Brazil, the Serra Grande beach foot the perfect setting to practice gliding, paragliding. It is one of the rides more procurados.Ele lasts average of 15 minutes, you take off the gazebo Beach Serra great that one of the postcards of Bahia, and the trip ends on the same beach, these days you can enjoy two walks together Serra Grande beach, and 2 PM to make flying .... This flight instructor and a ayuda maneuvering and downhill ..



We climbed the Contas River by canoe through the mangroves, watching crabs, Aratus and Guiamuns, cacao plantations and exuberant nature of this river which rises to 1500 meters altitude in the Sierra de Tromba the Chapada Diamantina and travels about 620 km up to Itacare.
The excuse to go up the river to arrive at a waterfall that hides in its midst, which has three levels of water, the more it is difficult to say what is the most beautiful part of the route because it Times: 09h/16h.

Passeio de canoa


Every year humpback whales leave the icy waters near the Antarctic continent in search of warmer water and calm, which are on the coast of northeastern brasileiro.Pode to even say such whales are Bahian, after all, not just born in Bahia, they are also designed aqui.Quando humpback whales are on the Bahian coast, it is possible to approach them - following a series of care - and observe some of their habits. It is common to find mothers with their young in shallow waters, relatively close to shore.
August and September, and by early October, the whale watching tour in Itacare

Observação de baleias


The Canopy is a form of adventure tourism in nature that is the bridge crossing, linking several trees forming a canopy near the route.
The practice of tree brings a much more comprehensive view of the importance of preserving the trees. The Conduru Ecotourism and Adventure is a company established in Itacaré that provides activities linked to nature, seeking to overcome personal limits in a safe and responsible use of the environment.

Arvorismo a Itacare


The entire region is part of Itacaré ded APA (Environmental Protection Area Itacaré-Serra Grande) and was recently ordered the creation of a State Park. There are several trails for everyone to know the rich fauna and flora of the Atlantic. - From a R$20,00

Trilhas a Itacare



To learn to surf or improve; beginners or "beasts" of the wave. With strong waves, Tiririca is the more traditional point of Itacare Surf.

Surf a itacare


The night in Itacare starts early and ends only at dawn. What is açai in a pink house, a "devil" in FAVELA, or coffee in CARAMELO, has the environment for everyone. Several restaurants around the city offers a menu of typical dishes, international cuisine or a simple "sanduba" in BAGUETÃO. Some homes offer live music as in Tapioca, the restaurant pizzeria BECO DAS FLORES, in the evening, the houses of forró, reggae, mpb etc., encourage the city making it easy to find and meet beautiful people from all over the world . All e des bars, restaurants, pizzeria and nightclubs you find here

Beco das Flores  Mar e mel


And much more ...

Itacare offers a multitude of activities such as ecological fishing, sport fishing, horseback riding, biking, etc. We put ourselves available for any additional information

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